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Released in 2002, the record brought in a mint-fresh sound in the contemporary Bangla music scene, with some of the most memorable ballads in contemporary Bangla rock music. The band still has to perform a few of these hits at every gig they play.
Till date, the Fossils debut record remains one of the highest sold Bangla albums: it has reached platinum disk status.

Fossils 2

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Released in 2004, it was the first Indian album to be mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, New York.
It remained on the Top 5 most-sold albums list for 14 weeks.
It was also the first bangla band album to be sponsored by a corporate company; Thums Up.

Mission F

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Released in 2006 as the theme album for the Kolkata Police Football Friendship Cup, the album included a video CD: again a first for a Bangla album.
It broke all previous records by remaining the most-sold album for the longest time at all leading music stores.
It was declared the most-sold Bangla album of 2006 as per Radio Mirchi’s year-end survey.


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Released in 2007, Aupodartho offered a music video mix; again a first in Bangla band music.

Fossils 3

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The last album of the band, Fossils 3 was released in September 2009.
It won the Anandalok Awards for the Best non-film album in 2010.
It remained on chartbuster lists for one full year.

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