Fossils Force

November 2008 saw the birth of Fossils Force - the official fan club of Fossils

Like Fossils, which was the first to establish 'Bangla Rock' as a regular genre of bangla music in India, Fossils Force, too, was created as ‘a first’. Having an official fan club for a band that successfully acts as a platform between the band and its fans was ‘a first’? No. Having a fan club that arranges regular meetings with the band where fans can ask direct questions and interact with the band was ‘a first’? May be, may be not. But a fan club successfully arranging two blood donation camps with huge participation was ‘a first’ in Bengal. A fan club managing to collect clothes and donations during the Aila turbulence and delivering those to the ailing people was ‘a first’. A fan club supporting in making of an album with under privileged children was ‘a first’. A fan club unearthing talents through an e-magazine was ‘a first’. A fan club donating toys for Cancer affected kids and visiting cancer hospitals with children’s wards, was ‘a first’. A fan club collecting winter clothes and distributing them directly amongst 'the people in need' was a 'first'

Aligned to Fossils’ philosophy, Fossils Force believes that ‘being the first’ is a continuous process, and so is 'giving back to the society'.

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